The Resilinc ROI Calculator

We are pleased to offer you our self-serve ROI calculator.  You can tailor the results to your business by inputting key metrics for the size and scale of your business.  The ROI is calculated based on your assumptions.  You will receive a report via PDF with charts etc. for further internal business justification.

Also please view/download Resilinc's ROI Report to see our customers' satisfaction and ROI on Resilinc's Solution. 

Deep supply chain intelligence, 24x7 event monitoring and a proactive supply chain risk management strategy are the building blocks for a resilient supply chain.  An investment in supply chain resiliency yields strong return on investment.  We describe the two ways that the ROI is realized:

  • Ongoing Recurring Benefits: revenue growth capitalizing on advanced sourcing opportunities, resource efficiencies and CBI insurance premium benefits.
  • Disruption Savings: during supply chain disruptions, the ROI is primarily cost avoidance due to resource efficiencies, reduced instances of raw material premiums and freight expedites, cash burn avoidance from factory down time, and long term hit to revenue and customer satisfaction – essentially, an investment acts like an insurance policy during disruptions.

Ongoing Recurring Benefits

On an ongoing basis, companies find advantages in the following areas – the largest thus far untapped opportunity.

1.  Advanced Sourcing Opportunities for Revenue Growth

Deep supply chain intelligence about sub-tier dependencies can help identify hotspots in the second and third tier supply chain that can become opportunities to drive competition out and capture market share.

Apple used deep supply chain intelligence in 2011 and caused a worldwide shortage of touchscreen panels.  This option resulted in Apple keeping competition out of the market for at least 2.5 years.  The $4 billion capacity option resulted in over $110 billion in iPad revenues in subsequent years and essentially gave Apple the run of the market for the following years.  In 2005, Apple similarly played the supply chain by locking up NAND flash memory capacity and kept competitiors out and allowed iPhone to dominate the market.

Review the Apple case study here

2.  Do more with fewer resources

Ability to manage all suppliers without adding more headcount by leveraging Resilinc's big data supplier intelligence platform.


Click here to download "Key Takeaways from Palo Alto Networks' Remarkable Supply Chain Performance"

3.  CBI Insurance premium benefits

Resilinc customers have proven across the board that demonstrating a strong supply chain resiliency program goes a long way towards building underwriter confidence and improved coverage and terms on contingent business interruptions.



Register here to view "The Role of Continuous Business Interruption Insurance in Achieving SCRM Program ROI" webcast featuring Palo Alto Networks and GM.


Disruption Savings

A Hundred Thousand Dollars can help protect a Hundred Million in Impact.

Companies find that they are dealing with a disruption somewhere in the world that ends up affecting their supply chain every few months.  With the average supply chain spanning 20 or more countries, there are many different types of things that can disrupt the flow of parts and products worldwide.  The impact of a disruption is felt in four ways:


An upfront investment in Resilinc’s proactive deep supply chain mapping and 24x7 monitoring capability can help reduce the time delay in the early days after the event occurs, where the business is not aware that an event has occurred and then when discovery takes days or weeks due to a lack of supply chain intelligence.  Resilinc helps companies use supply chain intelligence to create strong arbitrage opportunities to not only avoid the big impacts but also get back in the driver’s seat and to find opportunities to grow, steal market share and beat the competition.



Below is feedback from Resilinc’s customers that verifies the ROI benefits during disruptions:




Click here to view/download Resilinc's ROI Report.