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  • How 21 companies utilized Resilinc's EventWatch monitoring to know 6 months ahead of other Healthcare companies

  • The events leading up to the April 9 hearing of Sterigenic's injunction against the Illinois EPA.

  • What steps you can take to be aware, proactive, and prepared when patient lives are at risk.

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April 2019: For six months before the FDA announced the full scope of impacts arising from environmental concerns over ethylene oxide, Resilinc customers were kept up-to-date with EventWatch alerts.

  • What started in September 2018 as a controversy in a small Illinois town over the health impacts of ethylene oxide—a chemical gas used for sterilization in many industries—has since mushroomed into a critical supply-chain challenge affecting almost 600 medical products made by some 100 companies. At this time, the situation is still highly fluid with
    the potential to worsen significantly.

  • Many companies want to be proactive, be prepared and have a playbook ready, and some initial pre-work done towards qualifying newer, safer technologies as a safeguard against broader restrictions and regulatory action governing use of EtO. Resilinc recommends this as it can be difficult to scramble and do this reactively after restrictions come into effect.

Resilinc’s end to end processes should follow a continuum of capabilities for a) reactive supply chain risk management b) proactive supply chain risk management.

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