Hurricane Harvey has put over 13 million people from Corpus Christi to New Orleans under flood watch, and has surpassed Hurricane Ike (2005) and TS Allison (2001) as the most destructive storm to hit the Gulf Coast. Resilinc has mapped more than 800 sites in the region of impact. Over 300 sites are in and around the vicinity of Houston alone, a region that has already experienced severe and catastrophic flooding.

The ripple effect of this event will be realized in the coming weeks and months, as people and companies begin the process of regrouping lives and operations and beginning the process of recovery.

In this webinar, we will discuss what we know of the region impacted by this Hurricane and the types of companies located there, how Resilinc’s network is responding and our take on how the next few weeks will play out

Resilinc’s experts will discuss what best in class companies have been doing to improve their assessment and response to events like Hurricane Harvey and what others can learn from their journey.


Bindiya Vakil - Chief Executive Officer, Resilinc

Joe Carson - Chief Strategy Officer, Resilinc