IBM’s Business Value Institute recently recognized “risk” as one of six mega trends that have an impact on shaping the global economy today and in the future.

Procurement professionals must know how to successfully uncover, assess, manage, and mitigate risk. Are you acting or reacting to global risk?

This event features IBM’s Lou Ferretti, speaking on:

  • Resiliency and responsiveness as a key differentiator to successfully navigate a sea of uncertainty
  • The need to address risks that result from expanding from local to global sources of supply
  • How best to mitigate the cumulative risk that comes from complex supply chains
  • The need to view risk management through a holistic lens, including harnessing the power of data/analytics

How can companies benefit from the advantages of a global supply chain and yet not expose themselves to unnecessary levels of risk?

One way is to uncover, manage and mitigate supplier and supply chain risks. Please join us in this discussion to learn what combination of tools, processes, and data can make a difference and provide a competitive edge – and how IBM has succeeded here.