The only certainty with Brexit is uncertainty.  Have you fully assessed the impact of Brexit to your multi-tier global supply chain?  If you are like most, the actual impacts remain hidden even to this day.

Facts show that the UK is tightly integrated within the global economy and numbers start to tell the story.  $335B of goods were imported by the UK from the EU in 2017, and merchandise sales reached $16.2 trillion, nearly doubling since 2005.  Supply chains have already started to be redrawn across Europe, meaning that your complex interconnected supply chains will be most likely impacted by Brexit.  It is important to understand your exposures beyond tier 1, because as research has shown, around 50% of supply chain disruptions come from the sub tiers of the supply chain, preventing you serving your customer.

In this webinar, Resilinc will discuss step by step how to improve your supply chain resiliency in light of looming Brexit impacts. Topics include:

  • Where should you start in your supply chain resilience efforts and how you can use Brexit as a catalyst for change
  • How you can map out your critical supply chains and carry out “What if analysis”
  • Insights into Brexit impacts you may not have considered
  • How using supplier information like alternative sites/capacity can help improve your resilience