El Niño Supply Chain Impact Analysis

If you knew when and where a major supply chain event was going to happen, would you be sufficiently motivated to start taking precautionary risk management measures today? Or would the “diving catch” mentality of saving the day when the moment comes be the prevailing approach?

A strong El Niño is coming. The recent flooding from Severe Tropical Storm Etau in Japan is the first significant manifestation of El Niño and it may serve as a wakeup call. Even if you are not impacted by Etau, this is a test of your risk management and resiliency leadership and culture. If you get blindsided by El Niño, you have no one but yourselves to blame.

This impact analysis brief:

  • Provides a basic primer on El Niño from a supply chain perspective and what to expect for the 2015-2016 season

  • Leverages the Etau experience in Japan to illustrate a potential scenario that could repeat itself

  • Delivers a CPO call-to-action check list to assess the state of your resiliency strategy leadership and SCRM culture