The EventWatch Annual Report aggregates, analyzes, and summarizes supply chain event information leveraging the extensive supplier network data and statistics collected by the EventWatch® 24x7 global event monitoring, alert, and analysis service. The report highlights global supply chain risk trends through a variety of lenses. It helps stakeholders to understand:

  • Which disruption event types are most common or becoming more common?
  • How does my industry compare to other industries in terms of the number of events experienced?
  • Which regions are impacted the most?
  • What months see the most disruptive incidents?

The EventWatch Annual Report also highlights some general principles that are likely to remain consistent year after year. Through the comparative analysis that follows, it is clear that the more frequent, low-impact events that may go unnoticed by most are not only the majority of supply chain events, but should be as highly prioritized as the larger-scale and more severely disruptive events, like the Port of Tianjin explosion of 2015.

What makes the EventWatch Annual Report different from “Top 10 Supply Chain Event” lists and other year-end reports and commentary is that it is driven by data and focuses on impacts to specific brands, suppliers, sites, and parts, based on value-at-risk calculations. To accomplish this it employs the Resilinc supplier repository which includes risk information associated with over 90,000+ supplier sites – representing over 1.8 million parts.

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