Resilinc EventWatch is On 24x7, So You Don't Have to Be!

EventWatch provides 24/7 monitoring of your supply chain sourcing information from more than 100,000 news sources in 53 different languages. You choose your sites and point of interest nodes in order to give them the protection that they need to keep your business running smoothly. Monitoring is provided for more than 40+ different types of events. This package also includes comprehensive event research as well as expert commentary for every impacting event.

Our mobile app provides notifications and assesses the impact of an event even while you are away from your desk. You can model scenarios with our What-If Scenario Planner to effectively gauge the potential impact of any impending or past events. For an impacting event, EventWatch automatically creates an Event War Room that enables you to triage, assess, and effectively mitigate the true impact of the event. In addition to its many capabilities for event tracking, EventWatch also provides access to premium reports, event webinars, and white papers.



What EventWatch does for you:

  • 24/7 monitoring of your supply chain
  • Monitoring in 53 languages
  • 40+ Types of events that could impact supply chain
  • Powered by natural language processing to increase relevance to your operations
  • Tens of thousands of sources (social media, news, regulatory agencies)
  • Load sites & points of interest and protect them with EventWatch Monitoring
  • Comprehensive event research & expert commentary
  • Predictive What If Simulation
  • Improve relevance and traceability
  • Add specific keywords that matter to your company and industry
  • Manage and Prioritize Event Impacts (update overall event and individual supplier/site impact status, impact potential/urgency)
  • Up to date guidance about potential impact as event evolves
  • Mobile app for on the go notifications
  • Event War Room to analyze impact
  • Premium research reports, case studies and white papers


After FREE TRIAL, only $4 per month per site:
* 250 Site Minimum Subscription
* Add more sites any time (bundles of 50 sites)
* DISCOUNTS available for larger bundles.
* Billed Annually at start of Subscription.