Did you know Global Supply Chain Risk Events Increased 36% in 2018?

In this webinar, we discuss 2018 EventWatch Annual report findings. 
By viewing this webinar, you will learn:

• That many supply chains may not be adequately prepared to handle 
disruptions. Global supply chain risk events increased 36% in 
2018, according to the Resilinc’s Annual EventWatch Report. 

• For corporations managing complex supply chains, 2018 provided 
many familiar challenges such as factory fires, extreme weather 
events, earthquakes and mergers and acquisitions. 

• Resilinc EventWatch issued 2,696 event notices for a 36% increase year 
over year which averages about seven per day. Of these, Resilinc 
classified 907 events as those impacting its customers’ mapped 
supplier sites, and therefore requiring an impact assessment.

• Global risks increased overall, but volatile and uncertain 
geopolitical conflicts—including the U.S.-China trade conflicts and 
Brexit—pose some of the most potentially costly and disruptive supply 
chain impacts.

• 2018’s top 5 most destructive natural disasters, top 5 most reported 
events, and events that often have impacts that do not manifest 
immediately but can eventually lead to serious disruptions and even a 
total loss of supply.
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