Did you know there were more than 225 Factory Fire events in 2017, and they were the most common reason for supply chain disruptions? 

Reality. Your supplier just de-committed an important shipment. Did you know a factory fire at one of your sub-tier suppliers' manufacturing locations was the reason?

When outsourcing part production or even entire product lines, you're putting the company at the mercy of your suppliers. If they deliver a sub-par product, or fail to deliver completely, your customer will be looking to you - not them - for an explanation.

Take a look at three solutions from Resilinc:
· Supply Chain Event Monitoring
· Part-Site Mapping
· Business Continuity & Factory Fires

Resilinc maps your products and materials to suppliers and their suppliers' manufacturing and processing sites. We collect information on recovery capabilities, alternate production sites and assess how long it takes to bring up alternate sites/capacity.

You can quickly access this data set, and seamlessly identify alternate sites to minimize the impact of tariffs to your Supply Chain. You can use this information to assess the continuity capabilities of your suppliers, and significantly minimize the impact of disruptions.

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And, if you are looking for an easy, intuitive solution, you can check out Resilinc RiskShield.