In today’s environment, a robust supply chain risk management capability is a must have.  And yet, many companies and practitioners struggle to articulate the value proposition and ROI for this core capability.

Experts who have successfully built programs by developing the business case and articulating the value proposition within their companies will share how they’ve justified the investment in automated solutions for comprehensive supply chain risk management.  They will detail how their companies defined the value of critical capabilities such as multi-tier supply chain mapping, 24x7 monitoring, automation of response and proactive mitigation.  Our experts will tell their stories of people, process and change management journey that matured and operationalized these capabilities for maximum value realization. Discuss objections and obstacles encountered along the way and how to address them effectively. Most importantly, they will share the sources of value within their companies and how they attempted to quantify and incorporate it into ROI.

Register for this webinar to learn:

  • Starting out in your program planning phase and looking to build business justification and getting organization alignment for supply chain risk management
  • Continuing to build your capabilities in this area and influence stakeholders in order to break down objections and institutionalize best practices
  • Looking for tools and resources to learn and educate yourself further on supply chain risk challenges


Matt Mills - Directory of Supply Chain Solutions, Resilinc

Joe Carson - Chief Strategy Officer, Resilinc

Lee Young - Former Director of Supplier Quality, Thermo Fisher

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