On-Demand Content From the Resiliency Summit 2019
Special thanks to all our speakers and attendees for making this event another success!

We would like to thank our speakers for making our sessions informative and willing to share the knowledge from their presentations. Per the speaker's request, you use the presentation for informational purpose only and not re-purpose, copy or re-distribute it any form. 

We are in the process of collecting all the presentations from our speakers including: 


Risk Transparency & Trust: Leading the Way with Actions

Melinda McCants, Senior Resiliency Officer



Reshape Your Enterprise to be a Risk-Ready Culture
Lou Ferretti, Project Executive, Product Environmental Compliance & Supply Chain Social



Maximizing Locational Risk Data in Resilinc Platform
Conor Bint, Head of Americas Sales

Verisk Maplecroft


Supplier Risk: Using Financial Health to Gain Transparency
Nitin Walia, Chief Client Officer

Rapid Ratings