AI Powered Supply Chain Monitoring: 24x7

Instantly meet the mandate to establish greater supply chain visibility.  Do this with no internal resource burden or human effort to both on-board and maintain! Affordable and powerful.

Powerful Natural Language Processing technology detects disruptions across your global supply chain to quantify impact on your supply chain. 

In addition to getting actionable news alerts directly on your email, you will also get access to expert analysis, premium reports, event webinars, and published white papers with guidance on supply chain impact e.g. Brexit and tariffs. 

There’s more. Get access to our What-if Scenario builder where you can model scenarios and understand the impact from any potential event. This virtual war room ensures that in case of a crisis, the response is elegant with a pro-active well thought-out plan.

  • 24/7 monitoring of your supply chain
  • 50 million+ news stories processed continually
  • 100,000+ news sources
  • News monitored in 53+ languages in local regions
  • News classified into 40+ Event types
  • What-if Model Scenario Builder
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Deep Learning Neural Networks

Sign up and receive well-researched news alerts whenever there is an event with a potential impact on the supply chain operations affecting healthcare and your supply chain.