Risk KPIs, Impact Quantification, Score-Carding

Monitoring & supply chain risk management and risk mitigation using a carefully crafted technology to assess the key vulnerabilities in supplier network. Proactively safeguard your supply chain with the ability to assess potential threats using comprehensive risk scorecards.

Calculated revenue impact for every supplier, site or part. Quickly prioritize sites that can have a critical impact. During an event, assess impact on revenue to make justified decisions about appropriate response. Build an anticipatory picture of risk related KPIs.

  • Analyze risk and drill down to part, partner, site, category or product level
  • Direct node to node supplier collaboration & communication
  • Create mitigation projects in the system and track progress and action items
  • Collaborate virtually with your global, on-the-go team members
  • Customize and configure how your risk scores are calculated
  • 24/7 monitoring of your supply chain
  • Monitoring in 53+ languages for 50+ event types
  • Comprehensive event research & expert commentary
  • Up to date guidance on potential impact as event evolves
  • Comprehensive event research & expert commentary
  • Predictive What-if simulation planner
  • In-built reports to quickly draw insights from your supply chain
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Deep Learning Neural Networks

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