Managing Supplier Capacity Management Proactively

A Key Pillar of any Complete Supply Chain Resiliency and Risk Management Strategy

Supplier capacity risk is a key factor supply chain managers need to evaluate in order to ensure the uninterrupted flow of parts and products necessary to service customer demand. A lack of visibility to supplier capacity constraints can directly lead to lost revenue and market share, and declines in customer satisfaction and shareholder value.

This webinar describes the business challenges and benefits of taking a proven proactive approach to ensuring that you have the necessary supplier capacity to meet fluctuating demand forecasts. It also makes the case for making supplier capacity management a vital component of a comprehensive supply chain risk management strategy when integrated with tools for managing disruption and business continuity risk.

Specifically, in this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to identify suppliers and sites operating at high capacity utilization rates (at risk sites)
  • How best to define and measure supplier capacity risk
  • What are the key challenges in managing supplier capacity risk
  • What are the key business benefits and expected ROI
  • What best practices can we learn from leading supplier capacity management practitioners
  • How to integrate supplier capacity management into a complete SCRM strategy
  • What is the role of automation in building a world-class SCRM and capacity management capability