Resilinc Multi-tier Mapping helps you:

  • Map Quickly - Visualize your entire multi-tier supply chain on one screen!
  • Predict Accurately - Keep a finger on the pulse of all your potential failure points and vulnerabilities!
  • Protect Effectively - Prioritize and track all your supplier workflows centrally!

Summary of Features:

  • All the features of EventWatch (24x7 Monitoring and Actionable Research via Mobile App)
  • All the features of RiskShield (Risk Scoring, Impact Confirmation, Mitigation Playbooks)
  • Access to Resilinc's Supplier Intelligence Repository (52,000 Suppliers and growing)
  • Plug and Play with your suppliers already on Resilinc (over 2 Million parts mapped)
  • Identify parts impacted during disruptions within minutes!
  • Access to Resilinc's Supplier Training & Onboarding Experts
  • Access to Resilinc's Maturity Model experts to help align people-processes
  • Get benchmarking information on how you stand on resiliency practices compared to your peers in the industry
  • Ability to quantify Revenue Impact at a Supplier, Site, Part, Product level
  • 24x7 Support for you and your suppliers from Resilinc

Resilinc is the ONLY company you need to help you on your journey to supply chain resiliency. Contact us to learn more and discuss your risk management needs.