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Resilinc's solution experts can help you as you navigate your supply chain visibility and risk management journey.  It can seem daunting, but we can tailor your journey to your organization's needs.

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  • Do you struggle to know where your suppliers or their sub-contractors sites are? Most supply chain professionals know where their suppliers are located. However, this information often is silo-d, and stored in people's machines or in their heads
  • If you need information about a part or supplier, do you have to wait for your commodity managers to provide it? In most companies commodity managers are the most "sought after"!  This is because so much of what they know about their suppliers resides in their heads, that the rest of the organization is unable to leverage it quickly.
  • When something happens to a supplier site or region, do you spend days in a war-room?: Most suppliers operate in many countries world wide, use third parties for manufacturing, logistics, or warehousing.  Over time, companies lose visibility to these global sites that their supply chain is dependent on.

If these or similar challenges constrain your ability to act quickly and with confidence, then Resilinc has the solution.  Talk to us for a no commitment FREE demonstration and try it out today!