Chinese Factory Shutdown: Supply Chain Impact of Governmental Pollution Control Measures

 Speakers :
Nick Wildgoose, Principal Consultant – Supply Chain Resilience, Resilinc 
Sheila Hara – Director, Product Management, Resilinc

Date and Time : September 18, 2018, 10 AM PDT

Fact: more than 86,000 sites in China that were shut down in 2017 alone, and all due to pollution control measures implemented by the government.

At least 1 part in every product is sourced from a Tier 1 supplier or sub-tier supplier in China. When you or your supplier sources part production or even entire product lines from China, you're putting the company at the mercy of your suppliers. If they de-commit, or fail to deliver completely, your customer will be looking to you - not them - for an explanation. Pollution Control is one the leading factors that may affect your sub-tier suppliers' manufacturing locations in China. Nearly 50% of the shutdowns happen in the last quarter of the year!

In this live event, Resilinc will walk you through step by step on how to mitigate this risk. Resilinc maps your products and materials to suppliers and their suppliers' manufacturing and processing sites. We collect information on recovery capabilities, alternate production sites and assess how long it takes to bring up alternate sites/capacity. You can quickly access this data set, and seamlessly identify alternate sites to minimize the impact of government shut downs to your Supply Chain. You can also take advantage of the best in class, 24x7 monitoring provided by Resilinc.