One disaster a week: How Biogen stabilized its supply during August-September 2017

During a hectic 4 week period in August/September of 2017, supply chains globally were rocked by three major hurricanes and an earthquake in North America. While other companies were scrambling for supply in the wake of these events, Biogen, a major biotech company, was able to utilize its Global Security Operations Center and the Resilinc’s supply chain intelligence/tools to streamline cross-departmental communications, identify supply chain vulnerabilities, and enable proactive risk mitigation and crisis management activities in the face of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, the Mexico City earthquake, and Hurricane Maria. By using tactics such as supply chain mapping, scenario planning and event response frameworks, Biogen was able to recover from these events relatively unscathed.

This  case study focuses on how a robust supply chain risk management program enabled Biogen to navigate four natural disasters in a row without major supply chain disruptions.

Resilinc also hosted a webcast with Daniel Biran, VP-Global Security (Biogen), Lee Spach-Director, Global Product and Supply Chain Security (Biogen) and Joe Carson, Chief Strategy Officer (Resilinc) on "How Biogen Stabilized their Supply during August-September 2017". 


Download the webinar and whitepaper on the Biogen Case Study now to

  • Learn the value of visibility to events and links to supply chain
  • Master the benefits of proactive mapping
  • Get a sample organizational structure for efficient and effective event response
  • Learn to integrate data and technology to business processes to drive results
  • Find out how to mitigate the impacts of adverse events