Supply Chain Resiliency and Risk Management is essential for companies to minimize impact of supply disruptions, to reduce unforeseen costs and to win business and grow profitably. Although many companies are investing in this capability, they are unable to quantify the benefits or articulate the ROI of their resiliency investments. This is because the industry lacks a standard metric for evaluating supply chain resiliency.

Resilinc has introduced one such metric - the Resilinc R Score, and automated the calculation of the R Score for thousands of companies. In this Webinar, Resilinc will provide an overview of the R Score, and present the analysis of over 3000 supplier R Scores from the High-Tech Electronics industry. Resilinc will also introduce the 2016 Top 25 R Score List of High Tech Electronics Suppliers.

Additionally, Eric Knothe, from Micron will share the practitioner’s perspective of how the R Score can be used in practice, and how insights from the R Score and the diagnostics reports can help executives quantify current state, understand benchmark, pinpoint specific areas of improvement and further investment and measure progress over time.

The key learning points to take away from this webcast are:

  • Advantages of an Industry Standard for Supply Chain Resiliency
  • Understanding the Resilinc R Score and its elements
  • Leveraging the Resilinc R Score to bolster your Supply Chain Risk Management Program


Eric Knothe, Sr. Manager - Sourcing Compliance, Micron

Bindiya Vakil, CEO, Resilinc

Joseph Chacko Vellukunnel, Head - Resilinc R Score, Resilinc

For more information: Download the R Score Whitepaper