If you have collected or read even one supplier BCP, then you know how difficult it is to judge whether it is complete or not.  If you have multiple sites, then even comparing two BCPs and gauging whether they are complete or not, let alone whether they are robust or not, can require a lot of effort.

Resilinc can save your organization weeks of effort, and accelerate your supplier BCP evalution process by months.  You can plug and play with supplier provided BCPs already completed and shared with customers on our platform.  Resilinc will help you get your suppliers' approval to review their BCPs.

Go from start to scorecarding in days, and begin your BCP improvement collaboration with suppliers in weeks.  


Resilinc Supplier Hurricane Season Preparedness provides a cost-effective and repeatable process for assessing supplier business continuity risk and recovery capabilities at the site level, and integrates that information into a comprehensive supplier risk evaluation and mitigation program.