The Resilinc ROI Calculator

Resilinc has developed an intuitive, customizable ROI calculator.  We can help you tailor the results to your business by inputting key metrics for the size and scale of your business.  The ROI is calculated based on your assumptions.  This is a terrific tool to gain finance approval and generate business justification from your stakeholders.

Also please view/download Resilinc's ROI Report to see our customers' satisfaction and ROI on Resilinc's Solution. 

Deep supply chain intelligence, 24x7 event monitoring and a proactive supply chain risk management strategy are the building blocks for a resilient supply chain.  An investment in supply chain resiliency yields strong return on investment.  We describe the two ways that the ROI is realized:

  • Ongoing Recurring Benefits: Strong ongoing ROI by channeling your supplier management experts' time into high value added activities.  Achieve consistent supply chain performance, reduce inventory and achieve lean goals.  Generate new sourcing opportunities and exceed your cost savings targets.  Consistent benefits on CBI insurance premiums and coverage.
  • Disruption Savings: during supply chain disruptions, the ROI is primarily cost avoidance due to resource efficiencies, reduced instances of raw material premiums and freight expedites, cash burn avoidance from factory down time, and long term hit to revenue and customer satisfaction – essentially, an investment acts like an insurance policy during disruptions.

Need to convince your stakeholders?  Our Advisory team can help.  We have developed this in collaboration with many of our customers.  Reach out for your FREE Consultative session.