Download our SCRM Whitepaper and learn how to successfully transform your risk into a Word Class SCRM Program. 

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  • Where you are in your supply chain resiliency and risk maturity journey
  • What steps you can take to plan, implement, institutionalize and improve your SCRM program

Global supply chains are exceedingly vulnerable to risks from many different areas! However, risks are also opportunities, and best in class leaders know how to transform risk into a source of competitive advantage.

  • Since 2010, Resilinc has helped some of the world’s leading companies develop award winning and industry recognized best in class supply chain resiliency engines, powered by data, technology and world class processes.

  • Resilinc’s formula combines a unique blend of three things: 1) data and visibility, 2) delivered with software on cloud and mobile, and 3) operationalized with transformation and adaptation of people-process-incentives that drive action within an organization.

  • Resilinc’s end to end processes should follow a continuum of capabilities for a) reactive supply chain risk management b) proactive supply chain risk management.