Supply chain performance can be negatively impacted in so many ways...  

  • Are you trying to assess if your suppliers are prepared for this year's Hurricane Season? 
  • Do you want to ensure your suppliers have taken adequate fire safety, prevention and recovery measures?
  • Are your supply chain experts wasting their time in data collection?

Resilinc's supply chain experts have created our extensive Supplier Assessments Library based on decades of experience in many industries.  Choose any assessment, select suppliers or sites and launch.  If your suppliers are already on Resilinc, they'll be able to approve your access to their capabilities, and accelerate your path to proactive collaboration and protection.

Or, you can create a custom assessment of your own and launch it to selected suppliers!

We can get you up and running so quickly, you'll wonder why you didn't call us sooner!

Whether you already have a capability in place that you're looking to bolster, or whether you are looking to get started quickly and cost effectively, Resilinc has the solution. 

Talk to us for a no commitment FREE demonstration and take our solution for a test drive today!