Sustainable Supply Chain Practices Featuring P&G and Resilinc


Global supply chain sustainability and citizenship have evolved into one of the leading initiatives any corporate brand can take on.

Ensuring that global supply networks embrace key areas such as ethics & corporate responsibility, environmental sustainability, diversity & inclusion, gender equality, and community impact, helps to avoid costly reputation and brand impacting risks.

Through ongoing proactive sustainability and citizenship engagement and monitoring, your global supply chain network can drive innovation and ultimately deliver improved results to customers.

This webinar will cover how P&G is partnering with its suppliers to drive success in global citizenship, including specific tools, such as Resilinc, and approaches they are using to achieve real-world results. Resilinc will discuss key solutions supporting P&G’s program.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • P&G’s program and approach to global supply chain citizenship and sustainability
  • How to measure and monitor sustainability program success
  • How solutions such as Resilinc can be used to drive global programs across your entire supply chain network


Nalini Bates, Global Supplier Citizenship at Proctor & Gamble

Graeme Dykes, Managing Director at Resilinc