What's The Risk Game?

The Risk game developed by Resilinc is a learning tool for supply chain management professionals and students. The game is highly engaging, interactive and a fun way to understand how information can help companies be lean and resilient. This exercise is an effective catalyst to trigger supply chain risk strategy conversations at executive levels.

A Fun Way to Learn about Supply Chain Risk!

The 2-hour Risk Game has been developed by Resilinc's Advisory Team as a hands on learning tool, to build awareness about leveraging information for risk mitigation. The simulation allows participants experience the benefits of having a robust risk program which helps in identifying, assessing and mitigating risks proactively.  Throughout the session, different real life situations unfold, driving participants to take cautious decisions and get inputs from traditional and social media alike

These 2 hours will really resonate, and you'll be talking about it for weeks afterwards!





 Past participants endorse us!

The risk game is an effective, interactive workshop for anybody, supply chain practitioners or students to collaborate, encounter real life risk scenarios and more importantly learn how to meticulously manage risk. A great learning tool.

- Bill Hurles, Executive Director

Resilinc's risk game was a pivotal session in Saybrook University’s International Entrepreneurial Leadership Program. It was 2 hours of practical learning that was both engaging and fun. Participants where stretched to observe systems dynamics, critically think, and collaborate to build sustainable solutions to challenging unexpected situations. They had to strategize, take risks and innovate!

- Charles F Piazza, PhD, Faculty

It is a great way to generate awareness and support for your supply chain risk management initiatives.  You can incorporate it into:

  • Team building within your organization
  • Conferences on Supply Chain Management Best Practices
  • Supplier Appreciation Events
  • Cross Functional Training Workshops
  • Academic programs on Supply Chain Management

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