The goal of this handbook is to provide supply chain risk management practitioners with concrete suggestions and guidance on how to create, roll-out, and institutionalize a global supply chain resiliency program (SCRP). The premise of this guide is that there is an unserved need for information on the topic of building and managing a SCRP that adequately addresses the crucial initial phase of building the business case, establishing strategic alignment, and securing executive sponsorship. While best practices in this area have perhaps been documented and shared, they are not integrated into a broader program deployment and operational plan.

This guide also attempts to untangle the confusing array of processes and labels for those processes put forward (e.g. risk assessment, risk analysis, risk evaluation), as well as the loosely associated best practices. This guide aims to refresh and organize program implementation and maturation best practices into a single comprehensive and easier to navigate reference and starting point for building a world-class supply chain resiliency program.

Resilinc and GSCRC's ultimate guide to supply chain resilience