Planning, Preparedness and Proactive Actions Updates for Coronavirus
Learn how proactively plan and protect your supply chain for the coronavirus and to avoid potential risk.

Specifically, in this webinar, you will learn:

  • About the coronavirus and its potential.
  • How this could play out and its impact on supply chain.
  • What are the challenges healthcare providers,Life science and pharmaceutical industries will face in coming days?
  • How they can plan and the best practices to avoid disruptions.
  • Recommendations based on data and learnings from similar past events including SARS. 
  • How Resilinc is helping its customers to manage their supply?

Watch out this webinar to anticipate the possible scenarios, their outcomes and to get insights from Resilinc study and actionable practices that can be put in place.

In this webinar we'll discuss how Resilinc is helping clients better prepare for coronavirus effect and provide real-world examples and tools you can use right away with a special focus on healthcare, life sciences, and pharmaceutical industries. 


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  Bindiya Vakil

Founder & CEO, Resilinc

Jarrod Goentzel Founder and Director, MIT Humanitarian Supply Chain Lab

Sarah Baker

Programs Director, Healthcare Ready

Michael Griffin Strategy and Partnerships, Operational Support & Logistics, World Health Organization

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